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Dance Class

About Monet Dance Performing Arts Studio P.A.S

Monet Dance Performing Arts Studio LLC is a local dance company providing excellent dance performing arts programming throughout the Triangle Area. We offer classes in a variety of dance disciplines with ballet and contemporary as our foundation. Dance 4 TOTS is our specialized preschool program that accepts ages as early as 18mths.

We have over 30 years of experience, learning, teaching, and creating youth and adult dance programs.  Our performing arts facilitators believe that through dance and the arts, our children can grow into well-rounded successful adults.

Our performing arts education programs include professional dance lessons that embrace dance, drama, and music lessons to help enhance a better-rounded performing artist.
Our primary focus is healthy children; in mind, body, and spirit. In addition to great exercise due to rigorous classes, our school-age programs implement healthy eating habits and self-esteem. Students will learn the discipline of proper balance dealing with prioritizing daily activities that include pursuing academic goals, social discipline, and self-control. Our students will be encouraged to recognize how to channel their energy into positive avenues and release this energy through their talents.

We are unique in that we offer classes at various locations in Raleigh, Rolesville, and Wake Forest areas that are uniquely designed for local preschools, public, private, aftercare schools, parks, and recreational centers. As a professional dance company, we desire to bring the beautiful art of dance to students while in their academic learning environment.

Our story is one of true love: The love of the ARTS...and teaching the art of dance. This is the heartbeat of our founder and the pursuit of our vision for our school: to sow discipline, skill, and dedication in the dance.

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