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Community Events 

Monet Dance Performing Arts Studio (MDPAS), is a local dance company that partners with community centers, daycares, and public and private schools to bring dance and the performing arts to young students. MDPAS prepares our young students in performance classes twice a year for a dance concert or recital. 

We also partner with several local professional performing arts companies. We filter talented young performers, who desire a semi-professional or professional performing arts experience, towards these companies for a deeper artist experience.   

We appreciate your support of our young artists in their current performances.

Local community and professional performance ticket sales will be updated on this page. 


PoiemArtistry is a professional arts company that performs world-class theatrical and concert-style productions for the community as well as the nation. With an accomplished theater group, dance company, and technical and stage crews, PoiemArtistry is a full-scale production company designed to attract theater-goers and artists with an uncompromised and exceptional message and presentation.  

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