Disney's Greatest Recital

Costume and Makeup Information!


Contact us with any questions. Each Participating Class will require different under garments w/ their costumes and makeup (if necessary) so please READ CAREFULLY!



Lion King Dance 4 TOTS = Girls Lioness Costume

Undergarments=Flesh Tone Tights, Pink Leather Ballet Shoes.

Hair= pulled into two messy/ bushy pig tails.  Head piece included.

Makeup=Basic Stage Makeup. Pink Lips, Blush, Mascara, eyeshadow flesh tone earth colors

                                    Boys= Black jazz shoes or sneakers

                                    Hair=Lion Mane

                                    Makeup= none.

Tinker Bell Dance 4 TOTS: Girls

Undergarments=Pink Tights, Pink Leather Ballet Shoes.   NO LEOTARD NEEDED BUILT IN COSTUME.

Hair= pulled up in a bun.  Head piece included.

Makeup=Basic Stage Makeup… Red lips, blush, mascara, eyeshadow rose colors. (Greens if you have skills, lol). 



Minnie Mouse Dance 4 TOTS:  Girls

Undergarment =pink tights, black tap shoes, NO LEOTARD NEEDED BUILT IN COSTUME.

Hair= Genie Ponytail to the back. Minnie Mouse Ears headpiece.

Makeup= Stage Makeup in pinks, rose, and natural tones eyeshadows.


Spirit “Bring It” Majorette Dance:  Girls

Undergarment = black camisole leotard w/ bra, flesh tone or black tights with no foot or reversible foot, tan slip on jazz shoes.

Hair= 4 or 5 Bantu knots across the front and the rest of the hair can be natural

Makeup= Very natural colors in browns with red lips


Performance Creative Combo:  Girls

“Super Cali” = Flesh tone tights, black sneakers or jazz shoes

Hair=tight bun

Makeup= Very natural colors in brown pink lips



“Under the Sea”

Undergarment = flesh tone tights, pink ballet shoes

                           Hair= in bun

                           Makeup= very natural colors in brown soft pink lips



Undergarment = flesh tone tights  

Hair= buns

Makeup= Stage with gold and blue pink lips.


Dance attire for undergarments are available at

Dance Etc

located at 7520 Ramble Way#111 Raleigh NC, 27616.  Please let us know if you are having any difficulty with finding any of these items! 


Thank you for all your hard work and support!